Layne Meacham


 Layne Meacham 2011


Layne Meacham 1948 -

Like a Kerouac roman candle, for the last 40 years, Meacham has never waited for inspiration to tap on the window, he ignites and activates the captious process. He almost seems to destruct before he constructs. There is no planning, it is all creative and immediate, what is creativity if not an unplanned act? Meacham sloshes on, modeling paste and luminous acrylics, and then slashes it off a few minutes later. However this mature and experienced artist never ignores the canons of art, including form, composition, diversity and most importantly color. Layne, not the crowd, remains in complete control of every work. You can just feel the warm modeling paste, and colorful mud, hydraulically squishing between your fingers, just before it is moved around onto the canvas, to join another world. 



Salt Lake Art Barn, classes between 1963-1967

Westminister College, Don Doxey 1963-74

Arts Students League, New York City, 1974-1975

University of Utah, 1989

Intermittent courses from David Sacer, Earl Jones and otherCourses at local art institutions, 1969-1977

Non-art degrees: BA, MSW



Solo and Group Exhibitions

1988  Diskin Art, Los Angeles California

1989  Queen of Arts Gallery, Park City

1991  University of Utah Union Building, New Automatism

1991  Dolores Chase Fine Art, Salt Lake City, Recent Work

1992  Agora Gallery, New York, New York

1993  Dolores Chase Fine Art, Salt Lake City, Moabital Experiences

1995  Dolores Chase Fine Art, Salt Lake City, Recent Abstractions

2000  Dolores Chase Fine Art, Salt Lake City, Passages Through the Middle Way

2000  Left Bank Gallery, Salt Lake City, New Murals

2000  SoHo Gallery, Salt Lake City, Three Utah, Phase Space Artists

2001  Dolores Chase Fine Art, Salt Lake City, New Direction

2001  Westminister College, Salt Lake City, Alumni Show

2003  The Artspace Forum, Salt lake City, You Like What You Know


Juried Competitions

Spring Salon, Museum of Art, Springville Utah


1990  Alien Dodworth, Utah, and Scot Leavitt, Colorado

1991  Jerold Wunderlich, New York, and Allison South, Utah

1992  Benedict Read, England, and Valeria Kidrick, Utah

1993  Roy Brindley, England, and Sherrill D. Sandberg, Utah

1994  Selected (no nomenclature available)

1995  Marcus G. C. Halliwell, England, and Lee Deffebach, Utah

1996  Third Place Winner, Polly J. Sartori, New York, and Robert L. Marshall, Utah

1997  Martin L. Beisly, England, and Betsy Quintana, Utah

1998  Nicholas MacLean, England, and Bonnie Phillips, Utah

1999  Selected

2000  Selected

2001  MeritAward, Peter and Elaine Adams, California
2002 To Present Exhibited in all Spring Salons. Some awards not listed.


Utah Arts Council juried Competions

1999  Prudence Roberts, Curator of American Art, Portland Art Museum, Oregon

2000  Union Pacific Depot Show, Utah, Two cash awards

2001  Christine Giles, Associate Curator of Art, Palm Springs Desert Museum and Bruce Guenther, Curator of Modem and Contemporary Art, Portland Art Museum, Bountiful Art Center, one of six cash awards.


1993  Union Pacific Depot, Utah, Curated by David Sucec

1993  Friends of Lee Deffebach, Phillips Gallery, Utah

1996  This Place Utah, Latter Day Saint Museum of Church History and Art, Utah

1997  The Reality of Abstraction: Painting in Utah 1946-1996, Salt Lake Arts Center, and Curated by Anne Poore

2001  Utah Artists, Utah Arts Festival Grand Hall exhibit, curated by Ursula Pimmentel and Robert S. Olpin

2002  150 Years of Painting, 2002 Cultural Olympiad Exhibition, Curated by Vern Swanson, Springville Museum of Art

2002  Juxtapositions: The Artist and The Environment, Art Barn, Curated by Hikmet Loe


Museums Permanent Collection

Marcia and John Price, Museum of Fine Art, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum, Utah State University, Logan, Utah

Springville Museum of Art, Springville, Utah

 Private and Corporate Collection

Sweet Candy Company, Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake County Collection, Salt Lake City, Utah

David Dunn Family, La jolla, California, (Iomega)

Belson, Getty Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah

Honorable Stephen Roth and Family, Salt Lake City, Utah

David Dee, Director Museum of Fine Art University of Utah

Precision Litho, Salt Lake City, Utah


Publications color plates and/or mentioned in:

Art in America, Directory of Artist

Utah Painting and Sculpture, Color plate and biography, 1997' By Swanson, Olin and Seifert

Utah Directory of'Artists, Biography, 1999, By Swanson, Olin, and Seifert

150 Years of Painting in Utah 2002 Olympiad Exhibition, Color Plate and biography. By Swanson, Olpin, and Seifert.



2002  Elected by the 2002 Cultural Olympiad Committee one of the One Hundred Most Honored Artists of Utah. Selection panel was made up of representatives from the Utah Arts Council representatives, the University of Utah, Brigham Young University, Utah art historians and the Springville Museum of Art.